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Opening up a conversation about the benefits of having a balanced, mindful and more responsible approach to work. One link at a time.

Constant hustle. Unrealistic expectations. Endless pressure. Running on maximum capacity. Well, what if there is an alternative with the same results just a click away?

Hey, I’m Ales Nesetril. Designer from the Czech Republic and currently the Design Team Lead at STRV. I’m trying to lead by example and work responsibly.

Throughout my career in the design/tech industry, I've seen myself, my colleagues and my friends struggle with work ethics, overworking or battling an unhealthy lifestyle—obstacles leading to a variety of physical and mental issues that prevent us all from doing what we love.
Personal experience with these topics increased my interest. I began collecting links and resources from reliable sources, and exploring the possibilities that stem from having a balanced, mindful and more responsible approach to work.

This inspired me to create, and to open up a conversation about work ethics while offering quick self-help links for those in need.

What’s next

For now, this website is starting pretty small. Just a few links included for each topic. However, it is open to the public and includes a suggest a link feature. My goal is to invite more contributors and gradually grow the collection.

Who knows, maybe this could become a real organization one day. (That’s why it’s .org :))

Interested? Have an idea? Get in touch.